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Task Details Status Estimated Difficulty / Time
Ledger Support Ledger is currently the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and a lack of Namecoin support for Ledger does not look good for those who want to hodl Namecoin. This task first involves adding support to Ledger devices to manage Namecoins themselves, and then extending this functionality to handle Namecoin assets (domains, identities, etc) Unclaimed Moderate
TREZOR Support TREZOR, the original cryptocurrency hardware wallet, lacks support for hodling coins and managing Namecoin assets. This bounty, like the Ledger one above it, covers adding enough support to TREZOR to make Namecoin a first class citizen on the TREZOR platform. In Progress Moderate
Electrum-NMC Name Support Electrum-NMC, the de-facto client for SPV transactions, currently does not support anything beyond basic coin transfers. This bounty covers adding support to easily manage assets to Electrum-NMC, so that domains, identities, and others can be managed without requiring Namecoin Core. In Progress Moderate
Better Exchange Support Namecoin is currently fairly illiquid, having been historically traded on platforms that have faced financial or legal difficulties with their users and the community at large. This bounty consists of working with popular exchanges to add Namecoin to their platform, so it can be bought and sold more easily. Unclaimed Easy
Modern, Consistent Downloads Namecoin runs on many platforms, but various issues prevent a single version from being released at once for every target platform. This bounty includes anything blocking a release on any single platform, including hardware purchases Unclaimed Easy
Better User Experience The Namecoin project has great technical chops, but suffers from major ease-of-use problems preventing beginners from getting started. This bounty doesn't just cover making things easier to use, it also covers better design, graphics, and documentation. Unclaimed Moderate
Block Explorer Namecoin lacks a polished, libre block explorer with support for name lookups. This bounty requires developing the software itself, as well as publishing the source code under a permissive license. Claimed Easy
.bit Registrar It is exceedingly difficult to get started with a .bit domain name, given the technical requirements and lead times for opening exchange accounts. Given the low cost of purchasing a single domain, a public registrar that removes the requirement to establish exchange accounts is a great solution to permit people to easily dip their tows in the Namecoin ecosystem. Claimed Very Easy
Easy, Graphical Installers Setting up some of the namecoin subprojects, like ncdns, currently require many steps and pose a significant barrier to entry for newcomers. This bounty covers the creation of simple graphical installers for most major platforms that currently lack them. Unclaimed Moderate

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