The Namecoin Foundation

White Papers

As part of the bounty program, we fund research into theoretical ideas for things Namecoin can or should do. These ideas aren't necessarily practical or immediately viable, but starting a discussion early on can lead the project in new directions that don't immediately come to mind.

Ideal submissions are things that help extend the core ideas behind Namecoin - decentralized, secure low level infrastructure for the web - in new and exciting ways.

If you have an idea for something that Namecoin can or should do, send us a one or two sentence summary. If we think it's worth investigating, we'll pay for the research, development, and time costs needed to produce a finished paper.

A list of received proposals is coming soon.

White Paper FAQ

Does my idea have to come with sample code?

What are some bad example proposals?

Am I required to submit a proposal before writing a white paper?

How much does each paper get paid?

Is there any way to earn more money for a paper?